Monday, 24 October 2011

Free UK Phone Calls

Stop paying for 01 & 02 calls. Make all your UK landline calls for free!

Reduce your phone bills with CBN Telecom
Replace your 01 and 02 calls with one free 0800 number!
Why pay to call UK landline when you can get all your calls for free?
Free UK Calls is an advertising supported service that allows you to call your friends and family for free.
Enjoy up to a 10 minute call for free – any time of the day or night.
Simply call 0800 XXX XXXX and dial the number you require when you hear the second dialing tone after you listen to a short advertisement.
Your call is completely free of charge – and there is no obligation to buy anything from our advertisers!
Simply listen to a quick advert and enjoy a 10 minute call for free.
Great for teenagers. Great for quick calls. Save ££££ a year on your phone bills!
If you like our service please recommend us to your friends.
  • Free UK Calls

    Simply call 0800 XXX XXXX, then dial the number you want to call when you hear the second dialing tone. Your call is free!*


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